Ludwig II - in short - a dreamy king figure, strongly influenced by medieval sagas, Arthurian legends and Wagner’s opus, created a 5.000m2 recluse where he could live in his own reality.

He built the Neuschwanstein Castle - a romanesque revival architectural masterpiece. It’s walls, from the lower halls to the ceilings of the upmost floor are decorated with murals telling all those stories that helped him escape the mundane reality he detested.


Anonymous asked:

just a lil rant, but there are times where i love exo so much, but then there are also moments where i just sit there and i'm like 'i don't even know them'. i spend so much time just thinking about exo when the reality is i know nothing about them other than the fact that they're great performers. it kinda sucks to think that they might not be as close as they say they are (since they are just co-workers under the same company), and now i really don't see them how i used to anymore ;;

kmexoplanet answered:

No, I totally get you. There are a lot of times where I have to bring myself down to reality in order to see things clearly. So it’s natural to feel differently about them. I wouldn’t let it get you down though. I think it is very rare that we have moments where we can see them in a sincere and true light because the boys have to be careful of what they say and do so it creates a disconnection but I still appreciate them as people because they work hard even under pressure. So its rewarding to see them be successful because of it. And I too, would love to think that behind close doors they are just carefree boys who can rely on each other like brothers. It’s such a mystery! Oooohohohoho. <3